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Initial consultation

You and I will have a one-on-one discussion at the beginning. If you have a previous resume, e-mail it to me -- plus any updates -- in one of these formats: DOC, DOCX, PDF, TXT. If you have a previous cover letter, send it also, because this helps me get a fuller picture of how you present yourself. If you're applying for a specific job, send me the link or copy and paste the contents into your e-mail.


If you are starting from scratch, I can e-mail you a simple one-page outline -- or you may use the bulleted list, immediately below, as a guide for your rough draft. Don't be concerned with formatting at this point. Attach the draft, or copy and paste the text into your e-mail. Provide:




How do we get the process started?

Call: 256-213-9966

Available Monday-Saturday

The initial consultation and review are at NO COST or obligation to you. Once I've reviewed your material, I will give you a firm price quote.

NO-COST initial consultation

"Jim, just wanted you to know my resume was a big hit. They even complimented me on how well it was put together! I was hired on the spot!"


J. C., Huntsville, AL

Quality resumes get results

Whether you are starting from scratch or already have an existing draft, Hastings Business Service has the expertise you need to polish your resume so you can attract more attention from employers.

Finished presentations shouldn't exceed two pages, except for federal resumes and CVs. Cover letters shouldn't exceed one page. List the last 10-15 years of experience; employers are less interested in older history. I often place accomplishments before work history, since my aim is to focus on your achievements, or bragging points, not day-to-day items. If you can give numbers and percentages for your accomplishments, this adds even more weight.




Resumes: commercial, federal , curriculum vitae (CV)

  • Professional experience and accomplishments

  • Education and professional development

  • Licenses and certifications

  • Computer skills

  • Professional associations

  • References


Don't use "References Available on Request" -- it's passé. I list references in a separate document -- except for federal resumes. Don't offer your references till an employer asks for them. List contact information for each name shown.

Omit hobbies, unless relevant to your job search. Omit reasons for leaving former positions, date of birth, marital status, health status, and children's names and ages. Wait till the interview -- and, even then, don't volunteer any items the employer hasn't asked for.

If you print your final documents, use a laser printer, if possible, and plain white 8½ x 11 paper -- no special textures or colors. If you send your document by postal mail, use an envelope large enough to keep the pages flat -- no folding, clipping, or stapling.




Internet postings

If you need to post your resume on the Net and don't know how or don't have the time, I can post it for $20 extra. Give me the website address where you would like the file uploaded. If you need a plain-text, or ASCII, version of your resume to copy and paste to online forms, I can make one at no extra cost.

Don't get personal

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