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Welcome to my blog


I joined the ranks of published freelance writers in 1990 with the printing of my first op-ed pieces in several major American newspapers.


Besides an occasional business-related item, I also plan to add some pieces here on music, fitness, and national issues. These pieces will give you a feel for my original writing and style. I hope you will come back and visit often.


J. H.

By Jim Hastings, Feb 27 2015 03:19AM

Ever since my freshman year in high school, I have felt the need to write -- and not just to fulfill course requirements. Of course, this work takes a lot of thought, as other writers know. I don't consider myself the super-literary type. I don't write for the sake of writing. I do it because I feel strongly on certain subjects and have something to say about them -- no matter who hears.

Still, when the creative muse has hold of me, I sometimes wonder: "Do I really want to work this hard? Does anyone else revise and edit their own work as much as I do?"

Then I remember how Signor Verdi and Herr Beethoven, whose output I greatly admire, frequently revised and tweaked their musical scores before going public with them. Often they made some fine-tuning adjustments after premiering a work. With this in mind, I tell myself: "I'm nowhere near their level of genius. But if these guys had to take such pains, then should I be at all surprised when I have to go through similar agony?"

The subjects I will contribute to my blog aren't just those related to my own business or line of work. You'll see other topics as well -- music, fitness, national issues. If it's a matter I feel strongly about, you'll hear from me on it.

At present, I am moderating comments -- but not to censor anyone. I welcome comments, dissenting or concurring. I just want to be sure that the feedback stays within reasonable length, on topic, and free of taboo words -- the sort broadcasters would delete.

So stay tuned. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you -- and reading your thoughts in return.

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Selected excerpts from my blog: https://jimtc.wordpress.com. Besides business, I write on music, fitness, and national issues. These posts will give you an idea of what's on my mind and what my writing is like. -- J. H.