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Welcome to my blog


I joined the ranks of published freelance writers in 1990 with the printing of my first op-ed pieces in several major American newspapers.


Besides an occasional business-related item, I also plan to add some pieces here on music, fitness, and national issues. These pieces will give you a feel for my original writing and style. I hope you will come back and visit often.


J. H.

Term Limits: First Target Judges

By Jim Hastings, Nov 10 2017 11:47PM

Most of us have probably heard this statement: “We already have term limits. We call them elections.”

This argument doesn’t hold up — notably at the federal level. Congressional representatives and senators from California, for instance, can Read More

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Selected excerpts from my blog: https://jimtc.wordpress.com. Besides business, I write on music, fitness, and national issues. These posts will give you an idea of what's on my mind and what my writing is like. -- J. H.